Research and Dissemination

HyPhOE online outreach activities by Professor Gianluca Farinola, UNIBA

Professor Gianluca Farinola, University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA) has given two online presentations on the topics within HyPhOE.  In November 2020, he gave a plenary talk for the Italian Chemical Society online, and the presentation is available on YouTube via the link below. The presentation is in Italian, but the slides are in English.…
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New publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

The Bordeaux team has published a new paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: Thiophene-based aldehyde derivatives for functionalizable & adhesive semiconducting polymers. By Emin Istif, Daniele Mantione, Lorenzo Vallan, Georges Hadziioannou, Cyril Brochon, Eric Cloutet and Eleni Pavlopoulou. “The pursuit for novelty in the field of (bio)electronics demands for new and better performing (semi)conductive…
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HyPhOE at 2019 MRS Fall meeting in Boston

The HyPhOE project was very well represented at the 2019 MRS Fall meeting in Boston, with 7 members participating: Gabriella Buscemi, Massimo Trotta, Giorgio Mattana, Eleni Stavrinidou, Gwennael Dufil, Samia Zrig and Gianluca Farinola. Eleni Stavrinidou and Massimo Trotta organized the SB03 symposium: Smart Materials, Devices and Systems for Interface with Plants and Microorganisms. The…
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New paper published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

The article was first published on 10 Dec 2019 Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020, Advance Article About the origin of the large Stokes shift in aminoalkyl substituted heptamethine cyanine dyes Cristina Sissa, Anna Painelli, Francesca Terenziani, Massimo Trotta and Roberta Ragni The Bari Team has investigated the spectroscopic properties of the most successful class…
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Transistor coupled with plant organelle for real time monitoring

The LiU team has presented a biosensor that is able to detect, in real time, glucose export from isolated chloroplasts with time resolution of 1 minute. The biosensor is based on the organic electrochemical transistor that is functionalized with a glucose specific enzyme. The chloroplasts are integrated directly on the sensors that can distinguish the…
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Implantation of electronic devices into leaves of plants

HyPhOE researchers at Linköping University, Sweden have successfully managed to implant an ion pump into the leaves of the tobacco plant. The ion pump was used to deliver a plant hormone, ABA, into the leaves, without causing any damage to the plant. The results are now published in the journal Small, Advanced Science News: Implantable…
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HyPhOE General Assembly

30 September 2019, Bari, Italy Representatives from all HyPhOE beneficiaries gathered at University of Bari Aldo Moro in Bari, Italy on the 30th September 2019 for the annual General Assembly meeting. The meeting was hosted by Professor Gianluca Farinola and Professor Massimo Trotta, responsible for the participation of University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA) and…
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Congress of the Italian Society of Photobiology

The Congress of the Italian Society of Photobiology was held in Bologna from June 19 to June 21. Gabriella Buscemi (PhD at the University of Bari, funded by HyPhOE) presented a poster and Massimo Trotta presented an oral communication on the HyPhOE research topics.

Review article in Advanced Functional Materials

HyPhOE researchers in Bari, Italy have published a review article in Advanced Functional Materials, having their image featuring the internal cover of the AFM issue 21/19. The full text article can be read here.

Presentation of HyPhOE as part of the Pint of Science-initiative

In the framework of the Pint of Science initiative, HyPhOE researchers in Bari, Italy and Linköping, Sweden, had the opportunity to present the project to the general public. The presentations were appreciated by the varied audience consisting of students, early stage researchers, people visiting by chance who stopped by to listen and ask questions. The…
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