Month: December 2021

Storing energy in plants with electronic roots-joint publication by HyPhOE researchers

HyPhOE researchers from LiU, SLU, FORTH and Bordeaux INP have recently published results in Materials Horizons showing electrically conducting roots with a possibility to store energy. Biohybrid plants with electronic roots via in-vivo polymerization of conjugated oligomers, Daniela Parker, Yohann Daguerre, Gwennael Dufil, Daniele Mantione, Eduardo Solano, Eric Cloutet, Georges Hadziioannou, Torgny Näsholm, Magnus Berggren, Eleni…
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HyPhOE Final General Assembly meeting

During the last days of the project duration of HyPhOE, all partners were gathered at the final General Assembly meeting organized via Zoom, 25 October 2021. PhD students, postdocs and professors from all involved partners shared their insights and exciting results generated as a result of the collaboration within the project. For a summary of…
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