Research and Dissemination

Storing energy in plants with electronic roots-joint publication by HyPhOE researchers

HyPhOE researchers from LiU, SLU, FORTH and Bordeaux INP have recently published results in Materials Horizons showing electrically conducting roots with a possibility to store energy. Biohybrid plants with electronic roots via in-vivo polymerization of conjugated oligomers, Daniela Parker, Yohann Daguerre, Gwennael Dufil, Daniele Mantione, Eduardo Solano, Eric Cloutet, Georges Hadziioannou, Torgny Näsholm, Magnus Berggren, Eleni…
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HyPhOE Final General Assembly meeting

During the last days of the project duration of HyPhOE, all partners were gathered at the final General Assembly meeting organized via Zoom, 25 October 2021. PhD students, postdocs and professors from all involved partners shared their insights and exciting results generated as a result of the collaboration within the project. For a summary of…
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HyPhOE contributions to the “European Researchers’ Night”

On September 24, HyPhOE partners in Greece and Italy contributed with outreach activities in connection to “The European Researchers’ Night”, that brings research closer to society, In Greece, FORTH and Eleni Pavlopoulou participated via the so-called Chat Labs, where researchers met with high school classes from all around Greece to talk about research. In…
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FORTH performs synchroton experiments of functionalized roots at ALBA, Spanish Synchroton in Barcelona

HyPhOE and FORTH are grateful to ALBA, the Spanish Synchrotron in Barcelona for allocating WAXS/GIWAXS beamtime! Many thanks to Eduardo Solano and all NCD-SWEET Beamline staff for their precious help in acquiring high-quality scattering data for our functionalized roots!

Joint publication between Bordeaux INP and LiU: “Thiophene-Based Trimers for In Vivo Electronic Functionalization of Tissues”

Link to publication: The new thiophene-based trimers that are reported in this joint publication between LiU and Bordeaux INP were specifically designed to serve HyPhOE’s needs. Their successful use for the electronic functionalization of plants tissue widens the range of materials that are available for the realization of electronic plants, and renders them a…
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New HyPhOE publication in Scientific Reports

The HyPhOE UniBa team has published a new article “Incorporating a molecular antenna in diatom microalgae cells enhances photosynthesis” in Scientific Reports Journal.  A new route for improving photosynthesis is described in this article. Diatom microalgae photosynthetic activity was increased by enlarging its light absorption capacity  in vivo incorporating a soluble, non-toxic, organic emitter. The chosen dye is Cy5,…
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Article published by the HyPhOE LiU team: Enzyme-assisted in vivo polymerisation of conjugated oligomer based conductors

Gwennael Dufil, Daniela Parker, Jennifer Y. Gerasimov, Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, Magnus Berggren and Eleni Stavrinidou have published a new article in Journal of Materials Chemistry B. The findings are summarized below: Conjugated polymers conduct both electronic and ionic carriers and thus can stimulate and translate biological signals when used as active materials in bioelectronic devices. Self-…
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Research workshop and experimental work in focus when LiU team visits UPSC team

PhD students within HyPhOE; Gwennael Dufil, Cyril Routier and Daniela Parker along with their advisor Eleni Stavrinidou visited Umeå Plant Science Center, in order to enhance the collaboration between LiU and UPSC within HyPhOE. The visit included a workshop with the team at UPSC: Totte Niittylä, Loic Talide, Yohann Daguerre and Torgny Näsholm, after…
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LiU and Bordeaux teams published a new article in ACS Applied Electronic Materials

A new article “Thiophene-Based Trimers for In Vivo Electronic Functionalization of Tissues” has been published as a result of the collaboration between the HyPhOE teams at Linköping University and Bordeaux INP. Electronic materials that can self-organize in vivo and form functional components along the tissue of interest can result in a seamless integration of…
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LiU team participated in LiU Library Exhibition “Wood is good”

The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of the forest and demonstrate research activities of Linköping University that are related to the wood. An interview of Eleni Stavrinidou that talks about the research of the Electronic Plants group was shown in a poster. In addition, Iwona Bernacka –Wojick, Abdul Manan Dar, Chiara Diacci and Vasileios…
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