New publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

New publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

The Bordeaux team has published a new paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: Thiophene-based aldehyde derivatives for functionalizable & adhesive semiconducting polymers.

By Emin Istif, Daniele Mantione, Lorenzo Vallan, Georges Hadziioannou, Cyril Brochon, Eric Cloutet and Eleni Pavlopoulou.

“The pursuit for novelty in the field of (bio)electronics demands for new and better performing (semi)conductive materials.  In this paper, we present a short and simple strategy for introducing an aldehyde functionality in thiophene-based semiconducting polymers. The synthesis and successful chemical and electrochemical polymerization of two molecules is presented in this work: a) an EDOT-aldehyde derivative and, b) a trimer in which thiophene-aldehyde is enclosed between two EDOT groups. We demonstrate that the electropolymerized films of these molecules exhibit strong surface adhesion on pristine indium tin oxide, paving the way for their application as conductive electrodes for interfacing with living organisms. Thanks to the high reactivity of the aldehyde group, the materials prepared herein are extremely valuable for numerous applications requiring the facile incorporation of a functional group on thiophene, such as the functionalization with labile molecules (thermo-, photo- and electro-labile, pH sensitive, etc.).”

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