Benoît Piro

Benoît Piro is Professor at UPD. He received his MSc in Chemistry and Physics and his PhD in Applied Chemistry from University of Poitiers (France). Then he spent 10 months in the armament industry before he joined UPD as Associate Professor in 1998. His research has been published in over 70 international peer-reviewed articles, 3 book chapters and exhibited in over 50 international oral communications. He has been cited over 2400 times (h-index 31). He is the co-author of 4 patents, one of which has been licensed. Since 2013, he leads the team “Bioactive Surfaces and Sensors” and the scientific department “Surfaces, Nanostructuration and Reactivity” (18 permanent positions and 20 fixed-term researchers) of the laboratory ITODYS. He also leads the Chemistry Bachelor (350 students, 45 teachers, 55 different courses).