The University of Bari Aldo Moro is one of the most renowned and prestigious Universities in the South of Italy, being attended by more than 60,000 students. In 2015 the University of Bari Aldo Moro was the seventh Italian University in terms of size and about 11,980 students enrolled in the academic year 2014/2015. The University of Bari offers 87 doctoral degrees, 54 graduate schools, 15 Master’s degree and 19 second Level Master’s degree. The teaching staff of the University of Bari is composed of about 1,450 professors. The Chemistry Department hosts about 40 professors and researchers covering many research fields of modern chemistry, with outcomes of international reputation. It is the place of the PhD School in Molecular and Chemical Sciences of the University of Bari. The Chemistry Department hosts laboratories fully equipped for modern organic synthesis and characterization of organic molecules and polymers ranging from molecular spectroscopies, to mass spectrometry. Microscopies (e.g. AFM, TEM, confocal fluorescence) and several biological lab facilities are also available.


The Bari Division of the Istituto per i Processi Chimico-Fisici is dedicated to the design and synthesis of nano and soft materials with innovative and peculiar properties for application in (photo)catalysis, energy conversion, nanomedicine, (bio)sensors. There is a legal agreement between UniBa and IPCF not limited to this action where they share facilities and have common research projects.

PIs involved in HyPhOE

Gianluca Maria Farinola, is a full professor of Organic Chemistry is member of the PhD School committee. He is president of the Organic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. About 130 papers (h 29) mainly on synthesis of polymers and molecules for organic photonics and electronics. He supervised 6 PhD thesis, tens of master degree thesis and he is coordinating a research group of about 20 people.

Massimo Trotta, is a researcher at the IPCF. Elected Member of the executive committee of the European Society for Photobiology since 2015. Editor of the Comprehensive series in photochemical and photobiological sciences edited by Royal Society of Chemistry. About 90 papers mainly on microbial photosynthesis and since 2010 on the assembly of functional organic molecules and photosynthetic organisms and enzymes. He co-supervised 4 PhD thesis, tens of master degree thesis.

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