Georges Hadziioannou

Professor Georges Hadziioannou is a Chemistry Professor at the University of Bordeaux since February 2009, Holder of the Industrial Chair of ARKEMA/ANR HOMERIC “Hierarchical assembled Organic Materials for ElctRonICs”, Member of the ARKEMA Corporate Scientific Board, Emeritus Senior Member of the IUF and Elected foreign member of the US National Academy of Engineering, as well as Chair of “Physical chemistry of Polymers”. His career is characterized by a strong commitment to fundamental research at different universities and research institutes worldwide and an important industrial tenure at IBM Almaden Research Laboratory (San Jose, California). He has pioneered work on nanostructured polymer materials with innovations in flexible and printable organic electronic materials as well as energy and information technologies. He is the author of almost 450 publications (H = 61), 167 invited talks and 45 patents, 51 PhD’s, he wrote a Textbook on “Polymer Electronics”, and he was co-founder of 3 startups.